pick one: a, b or c?

I haven't much time so I'll jump straight to our latest issue:

Anya is taking a swim class.  Anya loves swim class.  Lily loved swim class as well, but now that she's in school all week, I can't find a suitable time for her to take a class.  We're still having regular meltdowns in the afternoons so I can't take her to a swim class after I pick her up from school.  Her half day ends at 12:30 and the school shuts down from 1-3pm (and it's not close to our house so I don't really want to leave the area and then come back).  On Saturday they take dance class (and are paid through December) so there is really no opportunity to get her in.

Now.  I don't know what this kid thinks we do after we drop her off, but heaven forbid it's something fun.  Every single Thursday she throws a massive tantrum about the fact that I am leaving her at school and taking Anya to swim.  She clings, she cries, she yells, she does anything she can come up with to keep me there so that Anya will miss her 9:30 class. 

This pisses me off.  It feels so manipulative and while I get that she's pissed off about not getting to go to swim, no amount of logic works.  She doesn't care that Anya doesn't get to go to school all week like she does.  Nope.  She's only upset that Anya gets to do this one thing that she doesn't.

So the question is this; should I:
a.) make her accept that sometimes her sister will get to do something she does not and help her learn to cope with that?
b.) consider that a late afternoon class wouldn't be such a bad idea? It might keep her distracted from her tired crankiness and allow us to have a nice afternoon every once in a while.
c.) listen to the brilliant idea one (or many) of you is about to come up with that I would have never considered?