details, like tide reports, are sometimes important


With Lily's first day of Kindergarten tomorrow, Mark and I decided to forgo the laundry and chores around the house and just spend the day doing fun things with the girls.  We took off for the tide pools with visions of the kids scampering around the shallows, gleefully pointing out creatures and discovering all the joys and wonders of the natural world. 

Sadly, we forgot to check the tide report.  It was HIGH tide.  Not so helpful.  We still managed a really great hike and to get a wee bit wet.  I also got to frolic about with Lorien's camera, a lovely little Rebel that she was kind enough to leave behind when her family relocated for the next two months due to her husbands work.  If I have to go two months without my sarcastic, tiny friend, at least I get to play with a wicked camera in the meantime. 

Click on the photo for the full set.