First day of school

first day

I'm embarrassed to admit that there's a rather long list of things that freak me out.  One item from The List and I can usually keep my cool (unless it's bees trying to touch me or earthquakes).  Two things from The List and I'm going to start snapping at people.  Three or more and you might as well hand me a shot of vodka and a tranquilizer because I'm not going to be that useful to you anyway. 

  • This morning, Lily's first day of school, my kitchen was attacked by ants.  Ants in my house is on The List.
  • We were running late due to traffic patterns and my rookie mistake of going the most direct route.  Being late is on The List. 
  • Parking was insane, forcing us to park several blocks away.  At 8:30. Which is when class is supposed to start.  Parking is on The List.
  • My baby girl started Kindergarten.  Change (especially emotional ones) is on The List. 

You would think that after 12 years together, Mark would know how to deal with me in such situations.  Instead, he just gets pissed off that I can't cope, not understanding the intricate and insane wiring of a woman.  Mark getting mad at me when I'm freaking out?  Might as well be ON THE FREAKING LIST.

Anyway, despite The List (and waking at 5:30am due to a wee little accident by the weest child), we had a good morning and neither Lily nor I cried when we said goodbye.  She led her dad into the class, picked out a cubby, hugged her daddy goodbye, wet to pet the class Gueinea Pig, flashed me a grin and then ran off for circle time after helping everyone clean up the classroom.  Even Anya wanted to stay  but was tempted to leave with me when bagels and cream cheese were offered in the courtyard.  I'm confident It'll be a good year (The List, not withstanding).

Happy Kindergartner