Day second of the great school adventure

Let me just start by saying thank you to the wise woman at school who gave me options for alternate routes to school.  While I got a little side-tracked today on some side roads, we got there on time AND found parking in the lot; clearly the day was already better.  We do have to work on the whole ants attacking the home thing, though.  This time it was the dog food bin, which was only discovered after Anya fed the dog and then came into the kitchen with ants all over her sweet little self.  "HEY!" She exclaimed, "There ANTS on me shirt!"  Then she started slapping her chest and muttering what I think were curse words under her breath.  Like mother, like daughter.

Anyway, back to school.  Have I mentioned that it's a co-op school?  Do y'all know what that even means?  Basically it's just a charter (free!) school where the special thing is parents.  Each family is required to give 56 hours per year in service to the school.  You can serve on the Parent Staff Association (PSA), work in the classroom, assist with events, etc.  With the Kindergarten classes there's only one teacher per 20 students but almost every day there are two other parents in the class helping with the morning activity centers.  Then there's other tasks like bringing in fresh flowers, refilling water jugs, organizing the book corner, or maybe even, WAIT! THERE'S BOOKS TO ORGANIZE!  Stop right there and MOVE OVER, people.  I got me some sorting to do.  

And that, my friends, is what I did today.  I was able to keep the kids from mucking up my neat stacks as I sorted by getting the few that tried to budge in to help me.  Before long I had a pair of kids at the ready and I'd hold up a book, ask, "What's this?" and they'd yell out, "REPTILES!" or whatever and then put it in the appropriate pile.  Anya was happily coloring and cutting paper at a table whilst I was sorting and all was peachy and full of sunshine. 

That is, until I looked up and discovered Anya was gone.

A quick search of the classroom showed she wasn't inside.  I headed outside with another parent and searched the playground, but she was nowhere to be found.  I was thisclose to racing to the office to cry and beg the universe to return my child when a staff member came around the far corner of a building with a sniffling Anya in her arms.  I have no idea how she knew Anya belonged over in the Kindergarten section, I was too grateful and babbling to ask.  I just took her in my arms and sat with her on the ground, letting her cry softly and telling her that I would NEVER, not EVER leave without telling her.  She had been headed towards the car, I think, off to look for me as she likely didn't realize I was behind all those books.  Luckily the school locks the gates after classes start and the only way in or out is through the office, so if I was to lose her, that was the best possible place to do so.

She spent the rest of the day stuck to me like glue.  

Tomorrow is a half day AND my cousin will be here from Chicago, so it's going to rock it.  Also, it's my birthday.  So tomorrow I shall not stress out about anything and I shall not lose a child and I shall be happy and full of glee.

The end.