Catch up!


It's me.

I've been busy.  Lily's still in Kindergarten; so far she's not a grade school drop out.  She's really happy there, thrilled to go every single day and not thrilled to leave.  Her teacher is great, she's made a new best friend named Olive; she is in heaven.

Anya is adjusting as well.  She's enjoying her time one on one with me and didn't seem at all phased when we went to swim class without Lily.  They're both really happy, actually.   I'm adjusting as well. 

Thursday my cousin Nate came to stay with us for a few days.  He was in town on business and tacked on a few extra days to visit.  He's the father of three beautiful redheads and while he wasn't able to bring along his brood, I was just thrilled to spend some time with him as we get along like a house on fire.  He, and our friend Milton from La Paz, made it here in time for a bunch of us to go out for Thai food to celebrate my birthday.  Turns out I've spent the whole year thinking I was 33 when IN FACT, I just turned 33.  Some people do 39 twice, apparently I do 33 twice.  Go me.

We drove up North on Friday to visit with our Grandfather and had a great time lunching with him and helping him with his computer.  We also set him up on Facebook.  HE ASKED.  He's totally brilliant and loves his machine and the way it allows him to keep in touch.  I also set up Wannabe Hippie as his home page... because it's all about me.

Saturday we welcomed more friends for a visit.  The girls went to play at their Grandmother's house overnight and today we threw a Scary Hair Birthday Party where everyone came with bad dos.  It was awesome.  I have photos.  You'll all see them.  Soon.

Milton headed back to La Paz this morning and Nate back East this afternoon.  Our house is suddenly quiet and peaceful and I can pick my nose if I want to, without worrying that anyone will see.  Kidding.  Mostly.  It'll be bed early, 'round here.  Tomorrow starts another week of crazy. 

What have you all been up to?  I have like, 400 entries in my feed reader so I don't have a clue.  Give me the cliff notes version and I'll be your new best friend.