Ok, so I lied about that last one

Wow, that whole last week just got away from me there, didn't it?  But alas, I still exist.  I just started a new job... wait, two jobs.  Yeah.  Two.  Maybe three if you want to get picky.  Maybe I should explain:

We're broke.  Like stupid broke.  But then, if you've been following things here, you already know that.  So it's up to me, the previously unemployed part of our magic duo, to find ways to wrastle up some income.  Here's what we've come up with thus far:

1.  We're talking to friends about having them move in, which would be really good for all of us financially.  It won't  be all sunshine and roses as we learn to adjust to a non-private existence, but this is what my mom did when we were teens and she needed help to keep our home.  Through it, we formed life long friendships and learned a lot.  I think it's one of the reasons I'm so good at sharing.  Wait, I kinda suck at sharing.  Huh.  All I can say is that if they move in, all the stuff-purging (as opposed to body purging, which I hear is icky) I'm doing will have to increase triple fold so we can make room for them.

2.  I'm starting to do some freelance grant writing for arts organizations.  Everyone needs money and if there are foundations out there just giving it away, I'm gonna help some artists get it.  I'm working on two grants for the theatre company I used to manage and just got a lead on another company looking for help.  This is work I can do from home.  See, just check out the view from my office door:

What I see from my office door

My commute is great, the coffee is fresh and the company amazing, abet demanding.  And it's paid writing, which makes me happy.

3.  Last week I started working for the kid friendly coffee shop I've mentioned before.  So far it's one day a week doing barista work and an additional 10 hours a week working on Marketing from home/out and about.  

4. Hooking.  You know you want to get you some of this!  HOT DAMN!

Lily started after care at her school, which some days she loves and some days she does not.  She usually does great until it gets dark and her Daddy hasn't showed up yet.  Then she's not so thrilled.  She's only going three days a week and then comes with me and Anya to the coffee shop, but I'm working hard to make sure she still feels connected.

Anya is doing well with all the change, except for this odd obsession with death.  Yesterday she told me she'll be the first in our family (actually, she says "flamly") to die, because she's such a good person and bad people only kill good people.  I'm going with the theory that in this case, pulling the death card is just about change... not literally death.  That, and I'm lying to her, telling her that she doesn't need to worry about me or Daddy or Lily or her dying.  She's also pretty upset that her Grandma, who she loves and adores, took a full time job and doesn't see her on Wednesdays anymore.  It was a great thing for my mom and I would have taken the job if I were her, but Anya doesn't understands and just wants to know when she can see her Grandma again.  Good times.

So yeah, the week got away from me some.  I've been a bad blogger.  Ah well, you'll all forgive me.