What I've learned...


pickle jar tips

After two days working in the coffee shop, here's what I've learned:

1. When you're removing the espresso thingie from the big machine thingie, be careful not to bump the back of your hand on the steamer thingie or you'll get one hell of a burn.

2. I really need to learn what the parts are called.

3. It's all about the grind.  And grinds? they're surprisingly personal. And fickle.  Little bitches.

4. People will forgive anything if you say, "It's my first day on the espresso machine, so if that drinks isn't just as you like it, bring it back so I can learn to do it right."

5. If you forgot what you were just about to do whilst standing in front of the register, don't worry, you'll remember while driving home.

6. After six hours on your feet, there's nothing to be done about the pain in your feet and legs. 

7. Thankfully, the pain goes away by morning.

8. Espresso tastes nasty, even when you do it exactly right.

9.  Caramel Macchiatos, however, are very tasty and make the whole world move at light speed!

10. You should really only have one Caramel Macchiato in a day.

11. Mopping can be very zen.  Unless you've been on your feet for six hours.  Then it's more like tiny moments of zen mixed in with the desperate desire to fall down.

12. When you're working with the owners, you get to keep all the tips.

13. People are, sadly, kinda sucky tippers (except Val. I love Val).

14. Storing your tips in an old pickle jar is better than in the bean jar.

15. Without the belief that this will get easier, you'd totally quit. (I haven't worked this hard for this little in years).