Can't count on nobody these days

I can't believe not a single one of you commented on the apparent fact that I planted weeds.  I mean, I didn't actually plant them, but you didn't KNOW that.  Besides, even if you suspected as much, most of you are just obnoxious enough to rib me about it anyway.  Also, why didn't anyone remind me that when cauliflower grows it needs LOTS of room?  That lower raised bed won't work out at all!

I'm starting to think y'all don't have my best interest at heart.

But then, I could be to blame.  I made a claim about photos coming and then let them languish in my "01 2009" folder.  Bad me.  Maybe you're all THAT interested in photos of my shrubbery.  Wait, that sounded wrong.


Here are some pictures.  Now mock me like I've grown to expect.

Man, at work

Mark and Maya, working on the second raised bed.  We built it up some to accommodate the carrots I wanted to plant.


Bamboo pea poles*

Cool bamboo poles Mark set up so the sugar snap peas have something to climb.



Will have to move some things around in here, due to brain not registering that the cauliflower will get BIG.


Still have plenty to plant.  Mark says he'll put in another raised bed soon.  Fingers crossed!


More photos in my freshly started Garden 2009 set at Flickr.