When we switched health insurance last year, I noticed that for a few extra bucks a month, we could add on dental insurance.  Since it was costing us a pretty penny for the girls to get checked and neither Mark nor I had had our teeth cleaned in years, it kinda seemed like a no brainer.  So we signed up.

I went in October, which was deeply unpleasant.  Except for the part where I had to pay at the end.  Because I didn't have to pay.  And that made me happy.

Last month I called the girls pediatric dentist to cancel the appointment scheduled before the insurance came around, telling them that now we had insurance and would be switching to someone in network.

"We take all PPO's, so you don't have to cancel!" I was cheerfully informed.
"Really?" I asked, "That's great!"

So today we went.  When they asked if I wanted to do fluoride, I said I would, only if it was covered.  Same with digital imaging for Anya.  They said they'd call my insurance to check and came back with a happy, "Oh, it's covered!"  So I went ahead with it.

Then it was time to leave.

"That'll be $150."
"Yeah, your insurance covers it 50%, so we need to get payment for the rest."

I cried.  And cursed (just a little).

"When I called to cancel this appointment, I was told you took my insurance and it would be covered."
"It is.  50%."
"But that's not what I was lead to believe.  I wouldn't have done the fluoride or the imaging if I had known. "

The best they could do for me was set me up for a payment plan and send me on my way.

Now.  I get that I probably should have clarified their definition of "covered", but I foolishly assumed that when someone told me not to worry and it was covered that we were talking 100%.  I feel like an idiot.  Also?  I feel like I've been taken.  I don't necessarily think they were trying to screw me, but at the same time, I don't feel they were entirely honest.   And I don't really know what to do.

Mark says I should write them a letter and CC the Better Business Bureau.  But I'd like to hear what you would do if you were me.  Eat crow and pay up?  Try to fight it?  What?  I can't dig through my emotions to figure out what is best.