insult, meet injury

This morning Lily woke up, started being her usual obnoxiously-delightful morning self and then freaked out.  Her hands had suddenly turned bright red and welts were popping up all over them.  Her fingers started to swell and then her feet joined the game and by 7:15 I was paging our doctor.  The answering service let me know where the urgent care center was, but also that the doc had felt comfortable having her come in after they opened, assuming it didn't get worse.

By 10:30 we were in the office with a significant decrease in swelling and discomfort, but wanting to see the doctor non-the-less. 

"What I'm seeing is a classic allergic response.  Has she been barefoot in chemically treated grass?  Eaten anything new? Come in contact with any chemicals at all?"
"The only thing I can think of," I told him, "is that she had fluoride at the dentist yesterday."
"Let's take a look at her mouth."

Sure enough, he found red, inflamed gums and slight red/puffiness on her throat.

"I think she's having a fluoride reaction.  Call your dentist and let them know they overdosed her.  Also, they are never, ever to give her fluoride again."

Hell to the yeah.

I wasn't really hot on the concept of giving it to them yesterday, but figured once a year wasn't a bad thing.  I know a lot of people who are firmly in the fluoride=evil camp, but hadn't really been sold one way or the other.  Now?  I'm pitching a tent in their freaking camp. 

So yeah, not only did I have a bad billing experience at the dentist yesterday, but now my poor sensitive child has essentially been poisoned.  And I OK'd it.  AND PAID FOR IT.

Clearly we got a karmic dentist debt to pay.  I'm hoping we've now paid in full.