My butterfly girl

butterfly face

We went to a birthday party over the weekend after almost two weeks off from any of Lily's school friends.  It was held at the bay, despite the bitter cold, windy conditions and rain.  We all just bundled up the kids, enjoyed the fire pit, drank endless cups of hot beverages and had a great time anyway.  There was even a clown, who happened to be the birthday girls Nana, that gave one hell of a show that the kids all loved.  Well, all the kids who weren't Anya, that is:

Anya was NOT into that clown

She was wicked freaked out.  She asked me if that was a real person and I explained that it was just Tulasi's Grandma in a costume.  "Is she gonna come over here?" she asked.  "Not if you don't want her to" I promised.  And lucky for me, I was right.  Either she was too distracted by the other kids or she's just that good and knew to keep her distance from my scared little boo.  She never even looked in Anya's direction. 

Mostly though, I was amazed at how different Lily was when thrust back amongst her school peers.  She went from the little girl who clings to me in new locations to this wildly confident girl who just ignored her Mama.  Mark pointed out that she's used to being with those friends without me around.  She kinda missed out though, as I was never able to offer her some cocoa.  Anya was the lucky one:

hot cocoa

But she did get her face painted (see her beautiful butterfly face above), which Anya refused.  And she had cake, which Anya also refused (shocking, I know), so she wasn't totally unlucky.  And running with her friends again had her in a state of near ecstasy, she loves those kids so much. 

Watching her be so independent, I had to notice that her face painting was wildly accurate.  She's my butterfly girl now, totally willing to break free and fly.  And while a part of me feels a little sad that I'm not needed like I used to be, I still have my little caterpillar Anya to cling to.  I guess the real question is, what will it feel like when they both break free, fly above my head and show off the beauty of their wings?  Will I unfurl my own set of new wings then?  Or will all I want is to get me a new 'pillar? 

I'm surprisingly eager to find out.