the day my brain did not blow up

Last Tuesday I had the most peculiar day. I kept getting this flood of light in my left eye, which while disconcerting, did not actually cause any pain or discomfort.  It happened maybe half a dozen times before dinner, when I felt it go off again and turned to Mark.  "It's doing it again, what does it look like?" I asked.  Mark looked startled and then replied, "It looks like a trip to the ER.  Get in the car." My left pupil was fully dilated while my right was normal, which isn't what you're hoping to see in your loved one or experience for yourself.

So to the ER we went, Mark dropping me off and then taking the girls home so as not to expose them to the sea of flu victims.  I sauntered up to the desk and gave the triage nurse my symptom, which earned me an early pass into the back room.  Note to self, if you ever want to jump the line in an ER, just present with stroke/aneurysm symptoms.

They took me back and asked for my medical history, of which there is nothing to share.  I've never spent a night in a hospital, never been seriously ill, didn't even have my babies in hospital.  They decided to check my vision as blurred or double vision with that symptom could indicate MS.  Nope, I have 20/16 vision so that wasn't the problem.  A doc came in a spent an inordinate amount of time shining a light in my eye before running off for a phone consult with an ophthalmologist. 

They came up with an ophthalmic migraine, which doesn't have to come with a headache.  Since I had no other neurological symptoms (numbness, headache, nausea, etc) they decided against the MRI and instead set me up with the same ophthalmologist for the next day.

Nobody can find anything wrong with me and it hasn't done it since.  Which is odd, yet good.  What it seems to come down to is stress.  Work had been rather horrid that week when a staff meeting had turned into a beat-the-crap-out-of-the-new-boss (me) meeting.  I've been dropping weight like crazy, too, though not from any diet you actually want to be on (stress!). 

I've been ordered to chill out and have another appointment with the ophthalmologist this Friday so she can fully dilate my pupils and rummage around in there fully.  Nothing puts things in perspective like spending several days being frightened that your brain was going to blow up, most likely while driving your kids somewhere and ultimately killing us all.  Stress much?

Anyone have tips on chilling out? Because while I'm thrilled I'm not dying, I clearly need to relax.

Also, the week of Halloween there was a ghost in my house.  Though I can't prove it.  Sigh.