Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It's been three weeks since my last (real) post.

So much going on here.  For one, this is what recently happened to my chickens:

What happens when they molt

Molting is awesome.  There are feathers ALL over the yard.  It looks like a crazy person went into the coop, grabbed the chickens by their feet and just went to town with the swinging action.  For a while, Isabella had this awesome bare patch running straight down her back.  Henrietta and Sparkle Heart were both way more lady like with their molting, a feather here and there coming lose as the new one grew in.  But damn if Isabella didn't just go full out. At least they finished the majority of the process before the rains came.  Silly chickens.

In other news I got a new camera.  I had saved up most of the money needed for the thing and then said, SCREW IT and bought the camera anyway.  The next day (I kid you not) a relative sent me a check that more than covered the cost.   So then I decided I would finally buy myself a Wii and another relative said she'd pay for it if I let her play with it some time.  HOT DAMN! Then I went to the company holiday party at the theatre where Mark and I work and won a weekend at a fancy hotel on the bay.  WHAT THE?  HELL YES!

And then I came thisclose to getting smeared all over an intersection when a car ran a red light and the screech of tires and the smoke and the terrified expression on her face (which probably matched my own) put me back into my place and I stopped feeling like the Universe was my new best friend and would do anything I wanted. 

So I'm calming down.

But hey, I'm taking photos again!  And that's fun.  Not that I have any computer time to actually, you know, upload them.  Or share them with you here. Whatever, they exist and I'll get to them when I can.

Which leads me to my next thing: I'm out of time.  Must dash.  Love to you all and hope you're having a fantastic holiday season.