living in community

So have you met Kiki and J?

Vikki and Jeff

They should look familiar to you as they have been part of our lives for a very long time now.  Kiki (what my girls call her) has been a close friend since High School and J is her husband.  They're good people and we love them very much.  Kiki was at both of my daughters births and the girls are as comfortable hanging with her as they are with me... if not more so.

As of the end of February, these two fine folks will also be our housemates.

I know, right?

With their help we'll be able to make our mortgage each month without panicking.  We'll have some help with the girls and may actually get to have dates a bit more often.  They'll get to put away some money for their goal of buying a house and making some kids. J will get to indulge his dream of a big-ass garden with a plot of our land. 

It will be messy, noise, confusing and admittedly crowded.  And yet, I can't stop grinning at the thought of it.

So yeah, we'll be busy here getting the house ready.  I have a HUGE list of things we have to do before they move in and the shortest month of the year in which to do it all.  So cut me some slack if it gets quiet around here.  I'm making room for friends.