Dance, girls

The girls had their first dance recital at the end of January, and I have to say it was just about the most fun I'd had in ages.  I don't know how I missed that it would be a blast, but I found myself pleasantly surprised as I worked my way through the evening, thoroughly enjoying every moment and laughing uproariously at the stars of each performance.  Some of the kids were just totally out there and loving every moment of it.

My girls were a bit reserved at first.  Anya was totally overwhelmed at everything going on.


She didn't want me to go sit down to watch the show, instead insisting that I stay with her.

don't go, Mama

Meanwhile, Mark was with Lily's group and was about to go find a seat so he could watch Anya when he spotted a little girl about to break down.  Being the awesome dad that he is, he decided not to abandon this little girl and instead stick with her until she was feeling better.  It worked.

Cheesy grin!

Lily was so cool, she was totally throwing us out the door.

Dancing girl

Mark did miss Anya's performance.  But lucky for me, my friend Natalie was there and she saved the day, grabbing it on video (at end).

Anya and I made our way into the auditorium together and she sat down with her mates to watch the dance before her, quickly warming up to the whole idea of what was happening next.  I was starting to worry that I'd have to take her up to the stage, but she was totally OK once it was time to do her thing.  I didn't have the best angle, not knowing where she'd be on stage.  She's second from the left (so, stage right for the theatre geeks in the crowd).

Anya dancer

I had a much better vantage point when it was Lily's turn and had the joy of sitting next to the mom who's blond beauty was a total spaz up there (watch for her in the video below, she's awesome... and no, you'll have no trouble spotting her).  We were both laughing so hard it was hard to focus, but somehow I muddled through.

Lily dancer


Seriously, the whole night was awesome.  They're both ready for a life on the stage.  Seriously. 


Lily is the second from the end on the left:

Anya, captured by Natalie (thank you so much Nat!):