t minus...

The friends move in tomorrow. 

We're actually doing quite well in the readiness factor.  The master is mostly empty and Mark is down there caulking the tub now.  I wandered around with a couple cans of paint and touched up the walls, then went crazy with the mighty vacuum and a trusty damp rag.  The Mister is going to paint some baseboard and we'll be able to slap that in tomorrow morning so it looks less like monkeys lived there.  Then it's just bathroom cleaning, a serious floor detail and voila! it's ready for new people.

Our room is finished as well.  It's so dern pretty.  Mark painted the walls and the new bed (in the sky!) and we shoved a huge shelf unit into the closet so we could stash stuff away.  There's also a small shed on the deck where all the stuff we can't figure out what to do with will live until we, um, figure out what to do with it.

We've also added two new sheds to the property, which the friends bought and will use to house all their stuff.  Since they're the ones going from a whole house (with garage) to one room, they have a lot to store and with us having all this land, we figured they could save themselves some bucks and store it close to home.  They also bought their very own fridge off craigslist, which is currently humming happily in the dining room.  This is a VERY good thing.  OH! And they have fish!  There's a big tank in the living room now with about eight koi (look at the design of this website if you need a koi reference!) swimming around delighting the girls with their big funny faces.  Just tell a three and five year old to go watch fish suck rocks into their mouth and spit them out their gills and you're going to have very attentive and quiet kids for a little while.

Oh and the purging! We've done so much purging, it's amazing!  It actually feels ridiculously good to let go of crap.  I found so many things that I had NO idea why we'd kept.  And there it was, taking up space!  We'll have to go through more rounds of purging with the shed, but I'm kinda looking forward to it.  I never knew getting rid of stuff could be so much fun.

So we're in good shape.

Photos will be up soon, but now I just need to sleep.  A lot.  Damn, I'm tired.