First sleep over

This morning Lily informed me that she would be spending the night at her friend Kayla's house.  "No, Sweetie, you're just going there to play after school and then to movie night for Girl Scouts".
"No, I'm spending the night!"
"Well, you are supposed to bring your pillow and blanket, but that's just for movie night.  Not to sleep over.  I'll be picking you up at 7."
"You're wrong."


Telling Kayla's parents about this episode, her dad suggested that maybe Lily would like to spend the night.  "Yes, but I'm trying to teach her about playdate etiquette.  You can't just invite yourself over.  You have to be asked."

"Hey, Lily! You want to spend the night?"

And so, she is.  It's her first (non-family) sleep over and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll be the best thing EVER.  Because I'm ready for this.  And I think she is too.