Gonna buy me a lottery ticket

This morning I rushed to get Lily to school by 8:30 and then make the trip out to the coffee shop for a 9am shift.  Anya and I got parked in some of the only free parking in the area, I threw her on my back (yes, I'm still babywearing with an almost four-year-old), grabbed my bags and hustled the couple blocks over to the cafe. 

Then I worked for 5.5 hours.

Then I looked for my keys.


I called the housemate who had come to fetch Anya around noon and asked her if my keys were in the bag I sent home.  Nope. 


I turned my bag inside out, searched through the snacks, fully searched my locker and then thought, "I wonder if I left them on top of the car?"


I booked it for the car.

Rounding the corner, I saw my car was still in place, so started to wonder if maybe I'd locked the keys inside the car, since the likelihood that my car would still be there with the keys so invitingly beckoning to passing thieves was slim.  But alas! There they were.  Right where I'd left them. 


The car was there, the keys were there, nothing was missing from inside (expensive car seat, iPod, etc). 

Seriously thinking I need to fetch me a lottery ticket.