spending vs sharing

A while back, while listening to public radio in the car, I heard the following simple statement (paraphrased):

We're so wrapped up in trying to figure out how to spend our time, we forget how to share it.

Since then I've been watching for the moments that mean the most to me or my children and trying to get a sense of what surrounds them.  Is this a structured activity or a spur of the moment tickle attack?  Are we lounging on the couch cuddling (when "proper things" must be done) or are we in the middle of working hard together?  Is this art project careening off track or is it taking a path I couldn't have imagined?  Am I stressed about getting to the park to play and relax or am I pulling off the side of the road and throwing the kids into a stand of trees for an impromptu frog hunt? 

Those moments that reach into my heart and plant a little speck of magic come from so many different sources, I haven't been able to pin down the formula.  But I have found myself asking this question in those moments that feel off: am I spending our time or sharing it?  So often things go wrong when I'm simply filling up space.  When I'm truly looking for the connection, things go shockingly well.

How about you?  Are you spending or sharing your time?  What do the two feel like to you?