When we first started talking about having our friends move in with us, I got all bummed out about moving into the room with the giant hole in the ceiling.  I had a feeling that we'd just kinda shove our stuff in there and then call it good-for-now, maybe getting to making it nice some day in the future, you know, in all our copious spare time.

And then, the Mister surprised me.

He came up with this brilliant idea to build a queen sized loft in the sky. 

And then he called my dad, they drew up plans, and they built it:

My dad helping

Attaching the bed to the wall

Framework for bed


I was worried about what to do with all our crap while we were sorting things out so he got a shed from a friend and told me to put stuff in it.

empty shed, waiting for stuff

Then I started worrying about if we'd have enough storage (since all the storage is downstairs, where our friends would be moving) and he devised a brilliant plan to make the under section of the loft bed a closet and use the actual closet to store stuff.  So we got some Ikea shelves, put them together and shoe-horned them into the closet.

almost done 

new shelves for the closet

installing the shelves

he painted walls and the bed, cleaned things up, put it all together and built me a beautiful bedroom.  One with a bed in the sky and lots of open space and everything with it's place.  And I love it.  Deeply.  Somehow, my Mister made what could have been a difficult move into one that feels like an upgrade.

chair for sitting

curtain, monkeys and photos

finished room

I shall keep him.