Zombie Jesus Day

My friends five-year-old, when considering the idea that Jesus reportedly arose from the grave and went for a walk with friends, hereby declared this "Zombie Jesus Day". 

OK, so here's where two roads diverged in a wood.  Some of you are horrified at the thought of Zombie Jesus.  Me?  I've got a brilliant mental picture of Jesus, arms outstretched, mumbling, "souls... SOULS!"

This provides me with no end of entertainment. 

Yeah, yeah, going to hell.  Whatever.  The reality is that IF there is a hell, I'm pretty sure you don't get into it by making fun of Jesus.  From what I have heard about the guy, he's cool with humor. 

On Saturday I made the mistake of going to Costco.  I should have known the place was going to be a madhouse when I was accosted by a man in the picnic area who wanted to know if I knew what Easter was all about.  I considered the following responses:

a.) Zombie Jesus Day!

b.) Bunnies saving us from a life without flavor

c.) or I could have simply explained it as Eddie did.  Bunny's and shagging:


However you describe it / celebrate it / ignore it, I hope you all had a lovely day.  As for me, I'll be dreaming about "souls... SOULS!"