First 560 miles

I've been trying (all freaking day) to get some photos uploaded to Flickr but the uploading tool is being a whiny little bitch.  I've only managed to get a few photos up there, mostly representing the 11 hour trip North.  You've got a couple shots from Denny's (Give the Gift of Real Breakfast Love) and a bunch of us running around in a vacant lot in Gustine.  We did yoga in the Starbucks there (dirty chai, how I adore thee) and then goofed around outside, getting the wiggles out. 

The trip went really well, save for the bit at the end where I got lost in the dark and it started to rain and my windshield wipers were being evil and just smearing all the crap around.  Mark's GPS is a liar, just so you know. 

But the girls did smashingly, especially since I bribed them.  I had a whole bag of toys in the way back of the car and would periodically pull over to reveal the next one.  When they got argumentative I'd simply threaten to throw the whole bag out the window and magically, everything would be fine again.


I'll try for more photos tomorrow, but for now, click on the photo below for what there is of the set.

wildflower & tower