I thought I had a few more years...

tree walker

I hear a light slap from the back of the car, then Anya's voice questioning, "What you doing, Lily?"
"Just checking to see if your legs are fat."
"What did you say?" I react, trying to figure out if she said what I think she said.
"Anya's legs are nice and skinny.  Not like mine.  Mine are fat."
Yep.  She said what I thought she had.  "Baby, your legs are not fat."
"But they're bigger than Anya's."
"Yes, but you're bigger than Anya.  You're two years bigger.  Besides, Kid, what do we use our legs for?"  I catch her confused stare in the rear view mirror.  "Our legs have to hold our whole body up.  Without strong, healthy legs we couldn't run and skip and jump."
"Yeah," she contemplates, "that would be hard."
"And legs," I continue, "have to be strong enough to support everything.  To help us lift and climb and stand tall.  Could you do all that if you're legs were tiny, unhealthy chicken legs?"
"No!  I couldn't!" 
"Your legs are not 'fat', they're perfect.  And even if they are bigger than someone else, that's because your body is strong and healthy and needs your legs to keep you playing.  People are all sizes and shapes, Kid.  Being healthy is the most important part."

This body image crap is only going to get harder, isn't it?