I got mad fashion skillz, yo

I have this problem with sunglasses.

Wait, let's start a wee bit before that.  I'm a blue-eyed girl.  It's common for blue-eyed peeps to have a really hard time in the sun.  I can get around just fine on a sunny day, but if I try to drive without sunglasses, I eek along with tears leaking out of my face, trying not to crash into things.  Master race?  Only if the world is overcast and dreary.

But damn if I can't keep ahold of a pair on sunglasses for more than five minutes.  I break them, lose them, or just leave them in random places.  I suck at sun-glass retention.  That's all there is to it.  If you look back at photos of me over the last couple of years, you'll see a whole selection of sunglasses, most of which I paid no more than $5-10 for.  I've tried owning really expensive ones on the theory that I don't value the things enough to hang onto them, but then I just feel very, very angry at myself when I inevitably lose/break/forget them. 

So I have a new philosophy on the things: I shall wear what the universe supplies.  Namely, I shall rummage around in lost-and-found boxes and take what I can get.  Then I won't have to be so sad when bad things happen to good glasses.

Of course, this is leading to a great deal of mocking from my friends.  Last month I had the aviator style:

Aviator Glasses
License and registration, Sir.  I SAID, license and registration!  GET OUT OF THE CAR, PUNK!


The glasses above threw an arm so this month? Going with drunken housewife:

Drunken Housewife look
Anyone have a martini?  And no, I can't change my expression... too much botox!

But hey, if the universe is trying to teach me some humor and humility through sunglasses, I'm open to it.  Now, if only I could lose the rapidly silvering of my hair by rummaging around in a lost-and-found box...