Princess Rock

Anya and I made a stop for Jamba Juice today, since we had a little time to kill before I dropped her off at a friends house.  We got our juice and started walking around the strip mall, just enjoying the sunshine and chatting about random stuff.  Towards the end of our stroll we heard live music and I asked Anya where she thought it was coming from.

"A store?"
"Maybe, but it sounds like it's outside."
"That car." She pointed at one pulling out of a spot.
"To me, it sounds like live music, not the radio.  Let's go around this corner and see."

So we turned the corner and I caught a brief look at a rock band jamming away out in front of the grocery store.  Anya stopped dead in her tracks.  "Let's get closer." I suggested.
"No?  Why not?"
She made a frightened face and I dropped down to face her, placing my hands on her protectively. "What are you afraid of, my love?"
"It's too loud." She ducked her face into my neck and curled an arm around me tightly. 
"Let's go this way, then."  I led her out into the parking lot and we circled wide, coming to stand out in the lot, but directly in front of them.  This seemed acceptable to Anya so we stood for a couple minutes listening and watching the small crowd react.

"Can we go now?"  She asked.  I nodded yes and we circled away, heading back towards our car.  She walked in silence for awhile and then started muttering about the music being too loud again.  "It was just too loud, Mama.  And you know what?"
"What?" I asked.
"They didn't play a SINGLE princess song!"
"You're right!  Not a single one!" I indignantly replied, doing my damnedest not to laugh out loud.  "Maybe they just didn't know any princess songs?" I suggested.  She blew out an exasperated sigh, as though the very idea that they wouldn't know at least ONE princess song was preposterous.  "And we didn't stay very long.  Maybe they were going to sing one next."
She gave me a doubtful look and then demanded I take her to P's house.  "She knows princess songs."

And of course, a fellow preschooler would totally get it.

I'm thinking though, that we ought to start a whole new genre of rock: Princess Rock.  The costumes alone would make it worth it. 

Who's in?