Why I love Sunday

Not too long ago, my job at the coffee shop went away.  I spent a couple days feeling very angry about the way it went down but quickly discovered I was much happier without that job and WAY happy with my new one.


Now? I'm working for a local CSA.  For those of you not in the know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which pretty much translates to this Wannabe Hippie now working for an organic farm.  Yep, my hippie cred just went UP.  And I LOVE it.  Deeply.  So far, I'm working the pick-up locations, helping shareholders unpack their boxes, answer their questions about the food inside and giving them tips on how to cook the veggies they may not recognize.  I'm doing this two days a week and once summer rolls around, I'll be working at the farm, packing boxes with my girls in tow.

Sunday is, by far, my new favorite day of the week.  I get up at 6am and enjoy a couple moments of quiet while I fix myself some food to go (I usually can't eat that early), slicing apples or hard boiling some eggs.  I open the church hall where we set up and start arranging tables, waiting for the van to arrive.  Then, with another worker, we unpack the van, set out bundles of freebies, stacking three different sizes of boxes (Individual, Small family and Large family) and load baskets with whatever extras are for sale.  By then people are starting to arrive and we really start to hustle, getting boxes set out, chatting with the faces I'm getting to know well, discussing recipes and how very sweet the onions were last week or what to do with garlic scapes or why these beets are long (Italian) instead of squat and fat (insert joke about fat American's here). 

The people are delightful and committed to eating well and surviving cancer and teaching at local schools and home-visit vets and park rangers and having beautiful babies and bringing veggies to their mother who is sick and sharing a big box with a friend and forgetful and late and smile so brightly it warms you and fighting to keep their backyard chickens and ballet dancers and artists and have names like, "Namaste" and when you get excited about a fruit, they celebrate with you. 

And the people I'm working for are so supportive and encouraging.  I love being with them and catching their enthusiasm for what we do.  They also steal babies, a welcome moment of peace for the parent who is tired and wants to unpack their box with BOTH arms. 

After the pick-up is over, I walk the couple blocks to the biggest farmers market around and go straight to the guys who sell young coconuts, gratefully handing over my dollars for a drink that replenishes the lost electrolytes from work, returning to them later so they can hack open the nut for the flesh inside.  I always run into friends there and we talk and hug and dig through our bags to share something delightful and delicious the other might have missed.  I pick up bread and fish and then scurry home where Mark has the laundry started and the kids are playing happily, running to me for hugs when I bust through the door with bags bursting with free fruit and veggies (an addition to my pay at the CSA).

CSA Haul

It's a perfect morning in my world, full of friends and good food and quiet time and nose and work that fills my soul.

What's your perfect morning?  What work fills your soul?