The Busy, she brings it

The end of the year for Lily's school has proved to be a wicked busy time.  There's all these events and parties and children clinging to the Kinder teacher, not really ready to say goodbye for 12 whole weeks.  One of the families in Lily's class is moving to Brazil this month and yesterday it finally hit the sweet faced little girl that she may never see her friends and teacher again.  When she lost it, we all had to press our fists to our eyes and try not to burst into our own set of sorrowful tears.  There's a moms night scheduled for Friday and I can bet you at least half of us will break down and sob, myself included.

How did we get here with these big kids who are a day away from being labeled first graders?  It's hella shocking, yo.

But back to The Busy; she's kicking my ass.  Seriously, just look at my schedule today:

8:00 -- Lily out the door with lunch in hand (thank goodness for the Mister who is driving her today)
10:00 -- Anya to friends house to play
10:30 -- Working at the University for a CSA pick-up (never been to this local before and hoping I can find the parking and THEN the right building)
12:30 -- Friend picking up Lily from School
1:30 -- Work done at the University
1:45 -- Pick up Lily from friends house (by the way, it takes about 16 minutes to get there, Google tells me)
2:00 -- Pick up Anya from other friends house.
2:30 -- Be at normal CSA pick-up location to work
4:00 -- Lorien comes and takes over for me at work so I can take the kids to...
4:30 -- End of the year School Picnic (to which I'm supposed to bring a potluck main dish... they're going to have to settle for fresh, raw veggies and fruit, because I'm at a loss)

Tomorrow is the graduation ceremony, for which my mom has been working ten hour days so she can take tomorrow off.  My mom is good people. 

This weekend is more parties, including one for Lily's birthday which is being shared with another Kinder class mate. 

After that?

Sleeping.  Hanging around the house when not working.  Taking it easy.  Getting into the summer zone.  THAT'S THE PLAN, DAMMIT.

And hey, maybe I'll update this here site a bit more frequently.