wee warrior, Ani


Last time we were at the library, I stumbled across a flyer for free kids yoga.  They had a class for 2-3 year olds and another for 4-5's so Anya and I decided to check out the class for big kids, seeing how she just turned four.  I had posted the info to my playgroup and was delighted to see a couple friends there, although they had come for the younger class and only one stuck around when it was our turn.  It was still good for Anya to see friendly faces and, despite my expectation that she'd sit on my lap the whole time, she was totally into trying the poses.  She even welcomed my gentle correction, allowing me to pull her leg into position or guide her poses into the proper stance.


Even when she wobbled and became shy, she kept on with only a few words of encouragement from me.  Mostly she concentrated on what was being asked of her and did what she could, smiling at me after each pose.

she's a wee warrior

I think the thing that startled me the most was the confidence and calm that spread across her face.  I felt like I was sneaking a peak at her older self.  Seeing who she might become some day.

my yoga girl

The next class is after Lily gets out of school for the summer and I'm looking forward to taking both of them back.  It's amazing how well Anya took to this and I imagine Lily will also be enthusiastic, since she enjoys doing our Yoga DVD at home.

Do you yoga?  What about your kids (if you have them)?