on saying "yes" even when we're afraid

Since Lily started swim lessons two weeks ago, there was talk about the last day, jumping off the diving board.  This was no good, in Lily's book.  This was the big bad scary thing that she didn't want to do.  And then the day came. We talked about what it means to be brave.  We talked about how fear is a very important tool, but when people you trust are telling you it's OK, then it probably is.  We talked about the best things in our lives coming from those things we said "yes" to rather than the things to which we said, "no".  We talked a lot.  Also, I may have bribed her a little. 

Today, she did this:

I honestly didn't think she'd do it, especially because the kid ahead of her chickened out and I thought she'd take his cue. But she didn't. She went for it. And I was super proud of the kid who was afraid and did it anyway.