7 days: 1 - waiting for sister

7 Days: 1 - waiting for sister

After Anya's first gymnastics class it was time for Lily's. The hour was spent with Ani wiggling her way around my lap in about a 100 different positions before she just collapsed against me and sat still... for about five minutes.

Kinda funny that Summer 2007's first day of the run was also the first day of a class for my kids.

And yes, the 7 Days Project  is back, which I'm hoping will get me out of the photographic slump I've been in every since the DSLR died.  Obviously my utter and complete lack of emulating Kal didn't do it for me, since I never actually DID any of the photo assignments.  Though I do still carry the list with me everywhere I go.  You know, in case... um, inspiration strikes.  Yeah, let's go with that.