it's all about the fraking beach

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned. It's been one week since my last post.

Here's what's been going on since I went all radio silence on you:

The eye? She kept twitching.  It's been over a week and while it's not constant, it starts up every couple days or hours and reminds me to take a nap.  Such a helpful eye. 

Last Friday our playgroup was meeting at the beach.  I, shockingly, am not a big fan of the beach.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the beach when I can walk up to it, enjoy myself and go home.  But when I have to deal with traffic, parking, and the 1000 pounds of stuff to haul that my children seem to require?  Not so very fun.  But I sucked it up and told my kids we were going to the beach. "No, thank you" was Lily's reply.
"What? Why?" I demanded.  After all, I spent a lot of energy working up to it.
"Well, "she started, "first of all there's sand. And the sand gets in my food and I don't like that.  I also don't like the waves or the water.  And then, I have to worry about crabs." She went back to playing happily with her sister.  I, on the other hand, had no words. 

Saturday was a birthday party for a friend of Lily's.  Guess where it was?  THE BEACH!  At least it was at the bay, which isn't so smashy and intimidating with the roaring waves.  She decided she could make it happen for K and so we packed up and sat in traffic and fought for parking (which we totally scored on, by the way) and we actually had a lovely time.  The birthday girl's parents had gone all out and there was food, tents for shade, a raft to float around in and good people to play with.  Also? Not a single crab.  And when the birthday girls papa pulled out the s'mores?  Well, that was hella good.  Anya took a single bite and turned to me to say, "I love you, Mama."

love the kids expressions

Sunday I worked in the 1000 degree heat.  Then Mark was awesome and took Lily to yet another birthday party while Anya and I napped.  Quote of the day: "Mama, when you were pregnant did you know you'd have the best kids in the world?" Well, even if I didn't know then, I know now.  Proof, you say?  I has it.  My kids put on a performance, complete with pre-show concessions and tickets.  Here's a bit of Lily singing:

Monday we went to yoga and then I set the kids free in the Ikea play area while I hung out in their dining room with a book.  On the ride home I had to assure Anya that a stranger with a REALLY big cup wasn't going to break into our home and steal all our water. 

Tuesday I taught Lily how to do shots.  She's getting really good at it and by the time she hits college will be the best in all the land.  Of course, her shots are currently herbs and her chaser is OJ, but you have to start them off somewhere. 

After that, THE ZOO!

Wednesday we bought all the food in the city.  We also enjoyed a brief visit from a La Pazian friend who was Stateside on a boat delivery.  We rounded out the evening by being judged by our DVD player.

Thursday I woke up to the most beautiful cool breeze coming through my kitchen window. I swear, it felt like  poetry on my skin after all the heat.  I kinda had a religious moment right then and there.  Then I made breakfast.  After working I got to run off with the Mama's from Lily's school to a wine bar and enjoy some girl time.  Favorite quote of the night: "I used to own Billy Idol's VCR."

Today we got a very late start, since I was unwilling to leave the computer just as the presale started for the So You Think You Can Dance tour.  Yes, I adore that show. More than should be allowed.  ANYWAY, we had been invited to... wait for it... THE BEACH! So I gathered a pile of food that would feed the world, towels, a beach chair, sunscreen, etc and went on the hunt for the umbrella.  I found it out by the shed.  I also found the angry rat living inside of it that made me shriek like a little girl being strangled by an evil clown.  I did not bring the umbrella.  Then we sat in traffic.  After that, we drove around forever looking for parking which was finally found almost half a mile away.  After lugging everything to the beach and getting a blister from the shoes I was wearing, we arrived to find our friends had just left (which I do not blame them for, we were stupid late).  We managed to stay almost two hours, during which my girls spent most of their time eating the food and complaining.  Then they went to play and Lily scraped her knee.  End of any semblance of fun you ever thought you could have.


How was your week?