The Unnecesarean

Last year, a friend of mine started this amazing blog called The Unnecesarean.  She's working to provide information and support to women who feel trapped by their doctors assertions that a cesarean is the only "safe" option for their birth.  She's documenting the rise of c-sections and trying to shine a light on how to avoid one in your own birth.  She's funny and smart and wicked awesome.  Also, she encourages my drunken video tapings of odd art at restaurants, but that's a whole 'nother story.

From her site:

She's also very pretty.

Which is a good thing, because something very annoying happened to her site, just as she was getting ready to celebrate it's first, very successful year.  Somehow, she had managed to put her email address into her domain host incorrectly.  When the site came up for renewal, she didn't realize it and in the very short amount of time between when it went "up for sale" and she realized what was happening, an opportunistic squatter took over her domain name.  They've currently got it parked on a WordPress Blog site and we're all wondering what their next step will be.  Will she get a ransom demand? Will this person put up pop up ads that attack your computer, thus marring her good name? Will they try to promote her work?  Will nothing happen at all?  Nobody knows.  But it meant she had to change the url to her site.


If you already know about her awesome site, please update your links to THE Unnecesarean

If you don't already know about her awesome site, please visit and show your love.  Unless you think every birth SHOULD end in a scalpel, in which case, go get educated.  If you're a birth junkie and want to read about some beautiful, powerful, amazing births, check out her Birth Stories section.

She really is good people and I'd hate to see all her work get muddied by some bitch-ass cyber squatter, so we're all hoping that nothing too stupid comes of the opportunistic sack who snatched it.

P.S. Please feel free to repost!