New kind of religion?

The girls spent the night at Grandma's house last night which meant they attended church with my mom and step-dad in the morning.  Usually, Mom is singing in the choir, so she just drops them off in the little daycare room and they don't actually get much "church" exposure.  Today, however, Mom wasn't singing (which I'm sure has a juicy story attached) so she brought them in with her until the Children's Sermon, after which they went to hang out in the nursery.

At dinner I decided to ask them about the children's sermon, "What did they talk about?"
"What?" Lily asked.
"When you went up to the front of the church for the kids time, what'd they talk about?"
"Jesus," she replied, "They're always talking 'bout Jesus."
"Did they tell a story about Jesus?  Or were they all, 'Hey, you should love Jesus!  Jesus is great!  First hit of Jesus is free, kids!'" At this point Mark choked on his corn on the cob and started laughing into his elbow.  Lily just looked at me with exasperation in her eyes.  I already embarrass her.  It's awesome.
I switched to the younger child, "Anya, do you remember what they talked about?"
She nodded her head yes, carefully placed her corn on her plate and finished chewing before answering (I totally raised that one right), "Yes.  They talked about this person on the beach, there with her mother. And there was this big pool of green goo.  And the kid jumped in and her mama had to pull her out." 
Then she went back to eating her corn.

I swear, I don't know what they're teaching these kids about religion, but I have to admit I kinda like it.  Also, on a totally unrelated note, pretty sure my kids don't listen when people talk.

Just saying.

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