Northern California in the summer

Some favorites from our vacation:


Sunshine, sunflower


happy gatherer
Anya gathering snacks from her Uncle Steve's garden

muddy dog
Maya discovers the pond

Mark picking berries
Mark picking blackberries

The girls at the river

How I found them

getting ready to swim
Swimming at Grandma's house

at the park
Visiting the local park

she only wanted to hold the yellow ones
At the County Fair

watching Grandma mow the lawn
Watching Grandma rock the riding mower

Anya and the dog bonded on this trip. Big.
Anya would have ridden in the way-back with the dog, had we let her

Mark and his Grand
Mark and his Grandfather

perfect curls
Our beautiful Lil

'What did I spell?' she asks.'
What Lily wrote while we were at a gas station