four pounds

While on vacation at my mother-in-laws house, I picked up one of her magazines and ran across an article about a concept of dieting developed by Dr. James B. Johnson, which he dubbed the Alternate-Day Diet.  I was skeptical, but figured I could give it a go and see what happens, since one of the reasons I've always failed at dieting is that I don't do well with being told I cannot have something.  His idea is that you only have to limit yourself every other day, dropping your caloric intake by 20-50%.

So last Sunday, I started.  I decided to aim for 1000 calories on my down days, which is closer to the 50% mark.  I gave myself no set expectations, just told myself I'd give it a week and see what happens.  And it hasn't been very hard for me at all.  If there's something that I really want, I tell myself I can have it tomorrow.  Sometimes I actually do have it.  Sometimes I forget.  On up days, I eat normally, though I will admit that I'm eating with more thought and care than I did before.  I do not track calories on those days, as I fear it would depress me.  But on down days, I track everything and have managed to stay pretty darn close to the 1000 calorie goal.

Today I stepped on a scale after noticing that I had to move to the next belt loop when getting dressed.

Four pounds.

In a week.

I'm shocked.  I did not have that much faith in this concept.  I refused to invest emotionally in it, but shockingly, I'm seeing results.

Anyone else out there heard of this? Anyone else doing it?  I'd really love to hear how other people (I actually know or have a connection with) are doing with it.