Employment leads to drinking. It's been proven.

Something kinda crazy happened today.

I got a job.

Like a real one, with hours and responsibility and hot-damn pay.

Nope, totally didn't see that coming.

Basically, I'm going to be working at the same theatre that the Mister does, only opposite hours.  Those hours both suck and are perfect.  I'll be able to take the kids with me to the theatre, hand them off to the Mister, he'll take them home and feed them and put them to bed, all while I work my butt off in a job I have no idea how to do.  Also? I'll never see my husband again.

Sounds like fun, no?


But, it's good money and considering that the Mister's job ends at the start of 2010, it'll be nice to be able to squirrel away some money so we don't have to sell the children come January.

As a result of all this, I had to go out with some girlfriends and drink too much.

No really, I HAD TO.

Don't question it.

We went to this totally cool place with pink drinks and a cabana and really delicious food and I had TWO drinks and it turns out that makes me drunk.  Who'd had thunk it?

So I'm home and sober and yet, still loopy.  YAY!

I have a job.

Someone save me.


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