On Vacay, yo

ready to hit the road!

The girls & their dog, ready to hit the road on Friday night.

Mark and I packed up the kids AND the dog and ditched home Friday night to come visiting his family in Northern California.  We drove through the night while the girls slept in small batches and only had to submit to one sobriety check (which Mark passed. YAY!). We arrived at Uncle Steve's just before 5am and all passed out for a nice block of sleep.  Steve has the most comfortable bed on the planet and I plan on strapping it to the roof of the car when we leave. Just so you know.

Yesterday we spent the day picking blackberries and peaches from his lush property, with which I made a cobbler.  We watched a movie, I worked on some knitting and we just enjoyed being calm.

at breakfast in town with Uncle Steve

Non-stop talk from Anya while at breakfast in town.

Today we went out to breakfast and then hiked down a mountain to play in the river.  The water was cold but the place was so was beautiful, we splashed and climbed rocks and watched as Maya tried to keep track of us all while swimming around in circles.  She was in heaven, that dog, doing her doggie paddle to perfection and squeaking with excitement.  The photos from there will be amazing, if all goes according to plan.

Tomorrow we're thinking we'll go check out Desolation Wilderness and then head over to Mark's mom's house for the rest of the week.  There will be fun at the fair, lots of coffee runs, horses, goats, chickens, a very old but happy Grandpa (Mark's Grandpa is in his 90's) and a doting Grandma for the girls to enjoy.  Also, more dial up, which is what I'm on right now (thus the lack of photos... can't be bothered to sit her for the next eight hours while they upload!).

Meanwhile, our housemates are caring for the chickens and enjoying the quiet of life without two little girls stomping around over their heads, so they're kinda still on vacation as well. Except for they have to work.  Whatever.

I'll try to update more later, but really, I'm just having a blast.  When I have phone service I'll be sending out tweets, so if you really want to know what we're up to, just follow me there.


I was able to start uploading a few photos. Check them out on Flickr.