why I need to get brilliantly rich

This totally crazy thing happened.  See, at the theatre holiday party this year the Mister and I cleaned up BIG with the door prizes.  First we won a pair of tickets to see a musical and then... oh, I need to take a breath it's so awesome... we won a two nights stay at a fancy bay side hotel.

Let that just sink in for a moment.

So, this weekend we abandoned our children at their grandmother's and ran away from home.

I checked us in Friday afternoon and then headed home to get packed for our theatre evening.  We'd scored tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar, a musical both of us know fairly well and were looking forward to seeing again.  We snagged some dinner at a sushi restaurant downtown and then headed over to the theatre to get settled.  The posters and the tickets mentioned that this production started Ted Neeley, but I had no idea who that was.  Then I looked a little closer:

See that little bit on the bottom about how he starred in the "Groundbreaking Motion Picture"?  You know, the one made in 1973.  Thirty-seven years ago.  When he looked like this:

The man is now 67 and considering Jesus died when he was 33, that was a bit concerning to me.  Then he came out on stage.  Um, lets just put it this way.  You know the term "leading man"? Well, that's what the gal playing Mary Magdalene had to do every time he needed to leave the stage... LEAD HIM OFF.  He didn't have the chops anymore, couldn't sing the role, couldn't act the role.  He could hit some of the hard notes, but mostly fell flat.  And Judas had a great rockstar voice but had no control over it, nor any idea what to do with his limbs on stage.  They totally missed the point of the musical and by intermission, Mark and I had shot each other so many incredulous looks we opted to skip the rest and went in search of coffee and cake instead.

We headed back to the hotel to enjoy the view and settled in for the eve.

night view from balcony

The next morning we got up, had a bite to eat and took a walk by the marina before heading back to the hotel to get ready for a surprise about which Mark gave me very few clues. 

massage room

He'd set me up for a massage and it was amazing.  This woman knew her deep tissue work and I came out feeling like all the troubles of the world had been solved, at least the troubles living in my back.  Mark, however, wasn't feeling so well.  We opted to see a movie (Sherlock Holmes) which we enjoyed very much and then headed over to a favorite burger joint for some beer and eats.

waiting for a table

We had to wait a bit but it was worth it. I ended up getting a work call (luckily the only one of the weekend) and had to step out to deal with an employee who did not think me wise.  Mark snapped a photo of me speaking emphatically, which made both of us giggle when we saw my manic hand movement, which so perfectly summed up the moment.

After a quick walk up the street to talk to a friend of ours who also happens to run a kick-ass tattoo studio, Mark wasn't feeling so hot, in fact he was having chills.  We headed back to the hotel where I thoroughly trounced him in a pirate game.  What, don't you all play pirates

He was ready to turn in early so I ran off without him to meet some girlfriends at a local bar.  It was 80's night and I had forgotten how awesome it is to dance around like an idiot and scream songs at the top of your lungs in a crowded bar with excellent friends all around you. I didn't bring my camera with me but did snap this when I got back to the hotel:

80's Night was rocking

We slept late this morning, had some breakfast, took a walk on the boardwalk and then collected our kids. It was restorative, fun, full of brilliance and the best weekend I've had in a very long time.  I'm hoping the magic hotel fairy's smile upon us again in the future, though the ticket fairy's can leave us alone if they're going to keep feeding us that kind of theatre. 

If nothing else, I'm totally dragging Mark out to the next 80's night.