only half fell off the world, really

Some days I feel like I fell off the edge of the world.  I seriously have no idea what's happening out there.  Every time I turn public radio (the only news I get these days) there's yet another report about the failed airline bombing attempt on Christmas Day, though it wasn't until today that I actually discovered WHY it was a failed attempt (bomb failed to detonate).  If it's not about that, it's about some horrible thing that has me instantly reaching to lower the volume so the very attentive children in the back seat don't hear the details. I finally gave up and stuck a CD in the car of stories, which renders my (often bickering) children silent as soon as a new tale begins.

Then there's the massive blog roll with which I cannot not keep up. Nope.  Don't have the time to find out all the awesome things happening inside my computer.  It's not that I'm not interested, I just don't have the hours required to know what the hell is up in your home unless you hold me down and tell me to my face. When did I decide SO MANY PEOPLE needed reading?  It's insanity!  And don't think that even now I'm not occasionally stumbling across another brilliant read and adding them to my feed reader, even though I know I can't find the time to read any of them.

But at least I'm still feeling present with my family.  Lily is, at this very moment, making her sister a sandwich.  Last night, we had an awesome dance party in the living room complete with sequined costumes and a wickedly funny interpretative dance by my Mister (whose performance could have only been enhanced if only HE had been the one with the sequins). 

Me and my little

Christmas day we took a drive North to visit my 91-year-old grandfather who was tickled pink we came up so he could show us off in the dining hall.  The girls had a blast riding their new scooters all over the courtyard and though they appeared shy, I suspect they enjoyed the constant flow of comments about how beautiful they are. 

Slow 15 MPH Seniors at Play

We've been to more parties than you can shake a stick at and have another pair coming up this weekend.  I'll need to miss one, but the Mister will take the girls and undoubtedly have a rocking time.

We did manage to win a two nights stay at a local hotel, the Mister and I.  We've got my mom lined up to watch the girls and as soon as I book thing thing, we'll have a weekend to look forward to.  When I asked for the designated weekend off work, my boss told me to pack light and then we both giggled like little girls, despite the fact that hs is neither little nor a girl.  Hell, I'll consider the weekend a success if I just get to sleep and nobody expects me to do anything for them.  Full sentences haven't been uttered around my Mister for a while, someone small is always interrupting. 

And so many pictures!  I've been LOVING the new gun, shooting photos where I see them (which is everywhere) though not having any time to actually upload the good ones.  Thus, there's only a few photos in this post, though I'm simultaneously uploading others.  We'll see how far I can get before someone needs me.

And on that note, I'm being paged. Loudly and dramatically, of course.