7 days: Winter 2010

Once again, the 7 day self portrait group that I belong to hit it's quarterly round with a Winter run.  This time, despite being more busy than ever, I found it a welcome distraction to my crazy days and a meaningful way to reconnect.  I hate how hard it is to find tiny moments of art in my life.  But I'm working on it (more about that after the new year).  The below image is a taste to the photos from the last seven days.  Each image available below the jump.  Click on any of the individual photos for more about the shot:

7 days: Winter 2010


On day 1, I felt like whirlwind of work:

7 days: 1 ~ quick pace of work


On day 2 I got stuck hanging out in a bathroom with my kid at a holiday party:

7 days: 2 ~ wash your hands, kid


On day 3 I hacked my facebook:

7 days: 3 ~ Hacking my Facebook


On day 4 I walked into work through a torrential downpour:

7 days: 4 ~ The weather outside is frightful


On day 5 I lost my sense of humor:

7 days: 5 ~ Not feeling so festive


On day 6 I taught you how to fling a kid on your back:


And on day 7 I found magic with my 7-year-old:

7 days: 7 ~ when the whole world is magic


Happy Holidays, all.