stinky escape artists

Tonight, while at work, I got a lovely little text from the Mister that read:

I just pulled Lily's tooth out.

If only it were Christmas we could sing the classic, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" (sorry, but I couldn't help link to the Chipmunks version, though I'll admit I did not sit through their entire performance).  The one on her right is coming in and promises to be bigger than her head.  I'm a little afraid for what she'll look like once they both fight their way into view, each trying to out-do the other with their sheer magnificence.  Being (almost) seven is terribly awkward, I fear. 

But she is beautiful and no amount of rabbit features would ever take away from that.

And her jog-a-thon is coming up again this year.  Do you all remember last year?  We all thought she would plod around the track a couple times, visibly wilt under the strain and then drop to the ground in a spectacular fit, claiming she couldn't go on another second and why did we hate her!  Instead she ran 37 laps and was so awesome I wanted to make 50 more of her to distribute all over the world, just so everyone could understand the brilliance that is Lily.  I'm curious as to what she'll do this year.  Also, accepting donations this year with the warning that you should simply pledge a flat fee rather than by-the-lap. Unless you enjoy living dangerously, in which case, $5 a lap will BLOW YOUR MIND.

In chicken news, the latest batch of babies (see below) are growing nicely.  They are, by far, the stinkiest chickens I have every smelled, shockingly rank even.  The last batch could go a couple days with the same bedding in their box but these girls need a change every single day.  And they seem to have an odd obsession with filling their water cup as full as possible with shredded paper.  It's as though we have offended them somehow, by providing them with clean drinking water, and this monstrosity must be corrected.  Immediately.  And with lots of very loud peeping.

They are doing their damndest to escape, as well, which could have something to do with the stink.  If you even crack the top of the box you will be greeted with the most emphatic flapping of wings and a platoon of fluff flinging itself at you.   I wonder if it's a breed thing, but really haven't a clue.  We just refer to them as the stinky escape artists.

We're heading out of town for a bit and they'll stay with Lorien, but as soon as we return it's going to be time to introduce them to the side-car coop so they can stink up the joint AWAY from the house.  They're so ready to take on the world.

I wish I had photos to offer you, but finding time to upload AND update seems to be tricky. I'm just feeling pretty damn proud I managed to update more than once this month.


Chicks hanging out on our deck, growing big and making stink.


Dorothy in the yard
Anya hanging out in the yard with the Dorothy costume we scored at a thrift store.


she's a nature lover
Lily enjoying the plants at a local nursery.


How is everyone?  I miss you.