how I love my Mister, part the first

On May 7th, Mark and I will have been married for ten whole years.  That's ten years IN A ROW, people.  Which is somehow both shocking and obvious, all at once.  As in, "What? TEN YEARS!?!?!" and, "Well, of course it's been ten year.  Duh."  Marriage, much like life, is funny that way.

Anyway, I decided to try to actively name a thing I love about my Mister, every single day for the month leading up to our anniversary.  So here's week one:

Wednesday, April 7th: Lily has her first soccer practice today and I absolutely adore how excited Mark is.  He took her shopping for gear in the last week, lavished love upon her daily and retells every inch of the practice to me so I didn't have to totally miss out due to work.  He even takes photos (which I hope to post some day).

Thursday, April 8th: Watching him cuddle a sick kid shows me the depth of compassion I married.  His hugs are downright healing.

Friday, April 9th: My Mister is the king of puns.  Annoying and sexy, all at once.

Saturday, April 10th: We all go crazy at the Goodwill book loft and I don't seem to care how much we spend on books, I just love that Mark & I geek out in the same way.

Sunday, April 11th: I love how he supports my work.

Monday, April 12th: His parents arrive for a visit and I am instantly reminded of the love, respect and joy he has when interacting with his family. 

Tuesday, April 13th: On my way out the door to work I ask, "How many kisses do you need?"  He replies, in his best little kid voice, "1,000."  I grant half of them on the spot. 


More to come...