how I love my Mister, part the second

Wednesday, April 14th: We head North to catch a concert and hold hands in the dark, giggling like teenagers and in love with the simple act of a night out together. 

Thursday, April 15th: At Lily's soccer game we find ourselves falling into sync, both a little appalled at the force with which our team slaughters the competition.  I am grateful to be married to a man who is more interested in teaching good sportsmanship than WINNING THE DAMN GAME.

Friday, April 16th: I overhear the following conversation at Lily's school, "You're never going to get a girlfriend in college, you're so hideous." "I don't care, " the kid replies, "I'm just gonna do math."  He's the first person I want to share this with... come to think of it, he's always the first person I want to share with.

Saturday, April 17th:
cleaning out the coop

'Nuff said.

Sunday, April 18th: He's up early (4-freaking-am) to catch a plane to Cancun for a gig.  I am very quickly reminded why I am so very lucky to parent with an awesome partner.

Monday, April 19th: At a friends house for the afternoon & evening she makes a comment about how she wishes her husband was handy like mine.  I offer to install her newly purchased thermostat for her and am reminded again that before I met him, I would have had NO idea how to do such a thing.  He not only can do the handy things, but he enjoys teaching me how, too.

Tuesday, April 20th: I complete a survey about Planned Homebirth and it allows me to think back on Ani's birth and Mark's role in that event.  I couldn't survive a contraction unless I could see his eyes.  He was, is and always will be strength for me. 


more sappy love-fest posts to come...