La Paz: travel day

Traveling late in the day is kinda awesome.  We didn't have to start our trip until around 2:30 and that gave us the whole morning to pack, do the last minute shopping Milton always requires and even give the kids a much needed nap.  Mark and I even sat around watching TV for an hour, just giving ourselves some downtime before the traveling began.  Our friend came and picked us up shortly after my mom and step-dad arrived at our house and drove us to the border, where we all tumbled out of the car and walked into Mexico.  We decided to get our travel documents before we grabbed a taxi and so spent a good half hour filling out paperwork, paying our visa fee (around $90 American for our family of four) and then getting our official stamps.  Lily told me it was boring.  Bureaucracy often is, kid.

bored Lily

From there all six of us piled into a single taxi, Lily THRILLED to get to ride on my lap rather than in her booster car seat.  I just held on to her very tightly as our driver weaved through TJ traffic, the roads torn up from a massive amount of construction.  Seriously, the path to the airport is insane and I wouldn't want to drive it myself, especially with half of the traffic lights down and the rules of driving in Mexico being what they are.

But we arrived with plenty of time and, after having our bags searched not once, not twice but three separate times by customs and security officials, we finally made it to the basement of the airport to wait for our plane. 


It's been long enough since we've flown with the girls that they had no real concept of what it would be like.  Getting to walk out on the tarmac and up stairs to the tiny plane sent both girls into little dances of happiness, so excited they were to finally get onto a plane.

climbing onto the plane
The flight attendant spoke very little English but at the end of the flight stopped me to say, "You have very beautiful babies."  Yes. Yes I do.

Lily helping with Anya's seatbelt

Lily helped Anya figure out the seat belt and then we were off, flying high above the sky to La Paz.  Unfortunately for me, I also carried along a wicked headache so spent the first half of the flight jamming my fingers into my ears every time the pilot engaged the loud speaker or someone laughed to loudly.  My Mister, the total boy scout, had packed a med kit so the pills eventually kicked in and took the edge off.  Escaping into a Radio Lab podcast helped as well.

Milton was there when we got off the plane and whisked us back to CasaBuena where we were fed bowls full of cioppino and finally got to meet Arthur, who is now 14-months-old and the most smiley, talkative baby I've ever met.  He's brilliant.  The girls stayed up until almost 9pm jumping on the trampoline with Michelle until I heard Anya crying because, "Lily and Michelle were jumping too high".  Bedtime.

It's a quiet morning now with both girls playing in their room and breakfast happily consumed.  Mark's run off with Milton to help put a friends boat back together and then we'll head out into the world when Michelle gets home from school. 

More later, I hope!