La Paz: settling in


The weather has been absolutely perfect, with cool clear nights and days warming to hot in the middle of the afternoon. We decided to stay put most of the day, reading by the pool, the girls playing around the compound and at the hottest part of the day, a dip in the pool to cool off.  Arthur let me hold him in the water, floating him gently on his back and going into an almost zen like pose.  He started getting fussy wen Mark held him, though we quickly determined it had nothing to do with the Mister and everything to do with the tired.  I bundled him up and settled into a chair with him, quickly turning his fuss into snores. 

sleeping babies are the best

After transferring him to the couch to continue his snooze we decided to dress up the dog and make her fly.  I mean, why wouldn't you?

Luna the angel

There's a trampoline in the yard here where the girls have been spending a lot of their time.  It's a bit troublesome what with someone (usually Anya) getting bonked about once an hour or Anya getting mad that, "everyone is jumping too high!"  But it sure makes for fun pictures:


Mark and I had been dreaming of Arracheras since we booked our trip so Milton and the Mister made a trip over to pick up the delicious marinated meat and all the fixin's. 


After dinner we opted for a walk to the Malecon to get paletas (ice cream) and fresas (popsicles). 

evening walk

It stays light until about 8pm here but once the sun went down and the moon came up it started getting cold.  Milton had driven Bill* over to meet us and so bundled up the kids for a quick return to CasaBuena for jammies and teeth brushing while we walked home. Before I knew it we were staring at midnight & so off to bed with us, the kids long asleep.  Sometime in the middle of the night a small black cat named Dot appeared through the window in our room and gave me a back massage (complete with claws!) and then licked my hand with a devotion not often found in cats.  Not an altogether terrible way to wake up for another beautiful day in La Paz.


*More on Bill later