My Favorite Thing

Lily's project on Sign Language

Lily's last class project was part of what they call "Passion Project Night" where each student picks something they are passionate about and puts together a whole display on that subject.  Lily's project was about sign language, a subject she became very interested in it after her classmates mom started teaching it to the class on a regular basis.  With help from her teacher she signed each letter of the alphabet, photographed her hand making the sign and posted it above her display board in an alphabet strip.  She also wrote a poem and created a Weekly Reader style magazine.

 But the really cool part was what a bunch of kids from her class got together to do.  The learned to sign all of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.  It's so deeply awesome, I can hardly stand it.  Wanna see?  Of course you do.  Enjoy:

If the video is no longer working, it's because a certain company has decided it's copyright infringement.  Yep.  Seriously.