Summer Road Trip


We're up in Grass Valley with Mark's family, typing this on a keyboard so old you have to violently punch each button and even then will have to back up to slip in all the missing letters.  So this will have to be brief as I'd rather not start throwing things across the room.  In fact, I just told my mother-in-law that Mark & I will be buying her a new one ASAP.

Maya & her people

Anyway, the drive was fine with very little traffic and mostly happy kids.  We got here in time to take a quick dip in the pool & enjoy dinner with the family, then tuck ourselves into bed early and sleep for ten hours... in a row.  It was glorious.  Coffee shop / book store this morning for breakfast and book worshiping, now the girls are back in the pool with the Mister while I bang away at the computer.

post-pool Anya  post-pool Lily

Tomorrow afternoon Mark and I get to run off for a couples massage & dinner while the girls get treated like the wee princesses they are.  Awesome.

In the Northern California Sun
Anya in the Northern California Sun


Feeding the horses
Lily feeding the horses