7 days: 4 - a quiet moment


After running off to play with my Mister yesterday, I had a very long day at work to make up for all that irresponsibility.  I had been woken at 4am by my eldest who was producing the most awesome cough I'd ever heard.  It was so bad that at the end of the spell, she was wheezing and dragging air into her lungs, her little face clouding over as she tried to breathe.  We have an inhaler for her, but haven't had to use it in almost a year, so it took a few minutes for me to find... especially since I was a bit groggy.  But it was in the second place I looked and we sat on the bathroom floor together, me holding the pedi-chamber to her nose and mouth, telling her to breathe... to slow down... to let the medicine work. And it did, thankfully.  My next move would have been the ER, which I feel very lucky we avoided. 

She spent the day with her papa while I took myself to work. I won't be able to spend much time there over the next few days as I'll be home with Lily, keeping an eye on her breathing and the inhaler close by, my Mister across the country on a gig and not able to be with her.  I suspect the next couple of days will not be a picnic. 

But in the quiet of the morning hours, before people show up to work and the chaos of the rush hour hits, I had a couple minutes to sit in the pub and breathe... to slow down. Which I did.  And then the rest of the day was a bit more possible.  Here's hoping that the combo of a sick kid and a traveling Mister will continue to feel possible.   I suspect it will, if I just remember to be gentle with myself and find the moments of quiet, like this one.