Studio for rent

view from sliding glass door
View from the Studio sliding glass door, of our very own Torrey Pine and the Canyon beyond.

We're in the process of trying to get our studio rented again, after a nine month hiatus on the housemate situation. We've really enjoyed having the house to ourselves again, though resisted moving back into the studio as it needed so much repair work and we hadn't decided yet what the plan really was. These last couple months, the plan has become clear: we can't survive our mortgage without housemates. The Mister just isn't getting enough work in this jacked up economy and my job doesn't quite get us there. So we've been working at getting the place done and this last week listed it on craigslist for rent.

It's so freaking nice down there. Especially since this mess has become this:

 starting small        built in

And this now looks like this:

renovations        bathroom

And the Mister did all the tile, counter-top and sink work to create this:

new sink

We've had some solid interest, hopefully meeting a potential renter after Christmas who shares a lot of common ideals and could be a perfect fit. We've had other calls that show some promise as well, though have yet to look a single person in the eye. Of course, we've also had our fair share of scammers. The world is one odd place.

But the Mister has some gigs lined up for January that will make things a bit easier. And soon, we should have some extra people around to make the load lighter.

I am thankful that we have what we do. And I've been reminded so many times lately just how lucky we really are.

And hey, if you know someone in the area who's looking for a perfect little studio on big land with chickens and children and mess and open hearts, let me know.