as promised: knit with wire and bead

detail wire & bead bracelet

It came out a little to large for my wrist so I may try fewer stitches next time.  But the whole project knitted up in less than and hour and a half and it was really fun to do.  Make sure you work slowly and loosely - fast will cut your fingers and tight makes the next row impossible.

Wire and Bead Bracelet
26-gauge copper wire in the color of your choice
glass beads (string onto wire before you start)
size 9 double pointed needles (dpn's)

Cast on 42 stitches
divide to 3 dpn's
knit 2 rounds
*k2, k1 w/ bead;  repeat * to end
knit 1 round
*k1, k1 w/ bead;  repeat * to end
knit 1 round
*k1 w/ bead, k2;  repeat * to end
knit 3 rounds and bind off (weave in ends)


wire and bead bracelet